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MarbleMatch is based on a simple match multiples game. With an additional twist by making it orientation aware.

This is a universal application that support both the iPad and iPhone.

iOS Simulator Screen shot May 23, 2014, 10.20.24 PM


-Multiple orientations support.
-Bonus Score when clearing a colour.
-Bonus Score when clearing the board.
-Choice of multiple background (on your device settings)
-High score per game difficulty
-Orientation lock option
-3 difficulty levels
-Game Centre support
-15 Achievements


Select 2 or more adjacent marble of the same color, the more you select the higher the score. Once selected the potential score will display, don’t worry you still can change your mind. To confirm your selection touch the currently selected marbles a second time, they will disappear and the potential score is added to your game score. If you select another marble then the current selection is cancelled, and the new selection is made showing a new potential score. If you select a single marble any current selection is cancelled and no other action is done. Rotate your device to make the marbles fall in that direction once your confirm your selection.